About Zenesis

Style: Goa Trance, Nitzhogoa
Location: Sibiu, Romania

Zenesis is a DJ project which started in the hearth of Transylvania, in Sibiu. Falling in love with psychedelic music, he went to indoor and outdoor events where he got familiarized with the diversity of psychedelic styles. Being guided by some DJs, Zenesis started to play music at a few local events. His main gigs were: Rising Frequency, A Patra Dimensiune Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, Solar Seeds in Transylvania, Transylvania Calling festival, Transylvaliens festival, Sons of Gaia, Psychosix 2, Revolution festival, Up Psy Down, Just Be, Chillorium, etc.

Despite the varieties of psy-trance music he played, Zenesis deeply fell in love with goa trance and nitzhogoa. His favorite artists are Ra, Goasia, Chi-AD, Lost Buddha, Cosmic Dimension, Zopmanika, Ephedra, JBC-Arkadii, Ajna, Imba, E-Mantra, Veasna, Laughing Skull and many many more. He also plays forest dark-psy and has some back to back projects with other DJs. His sets are usually powerful and he considers that a DJ should inspire confidence and make people feel free and happy while dancing.

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