Witness To The Nagual

About Witness To The Nagual

Style: Goa Trance, Downtempo
Location: Hisarya, Bulgaria

Since his childhood Venko Chemishanov likes electronic music, but the mystery of goa trance appeared in his life in 1998. At 17 he started with the cassette albums of Electric Universe's "Waves" and S.U.N.Project's "Macrophage", but what touched his soul and stayed forever in it is the compilation "Trance Asia Express", the participants of which became his favorite goa trance artists ever. Several years later Venko found the music genius Simon Posford (a.k.a. Hallucinogen) whose album "Twisted" was an incomparable experience. But what really shook him was the psychedelic downtempo project Shpongle which Venko considers is not just music, but a whole experience, lucid dreaming, enchanted reality.

Except the goa/psychedelic trance Venko enjoys the ambient sound and he also made and has some experimental ambient/drone free download releases under the project name "qodobop". For all of his psy-trance DJ mixes he uses the nickname Witness To The Nagual - taken from the psychedelic experience of the favorite author Castaneda.

Otherwise Venko lives and works in the small and beautiful town Hisarya where many open-air parties have happened and can be organized. He has a lot of free time which he likes to spend online, reading books, hiking in the mountains, mixing or experimenting with music.

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