About Tranceway

Style: Goa Trance, Downtempo
Location: Bologna, Italy

Tranceway is Franco Forte (aka Franco Chillum) from Bologna, Italy. He always has been passionate about electronic and psychedelic music but he is still attracted by all the music genres. Franco first met the goa trance music in 1995 during his first trip to Goa, India where he attended at a party in Disco Valley and that was love at first sight. In 1997-1998 Franco took actively part in the organization and production of first Italian goa parties in Bologna together with Space Spices Group. Then he decided to purchase his first computer and began to study musicmaking. Franco was helped by some of his friends and together they formed the project Chillum Smokers trying to produce that oldschool and full of feelings goa trance.

Passed away at age of 64 he didn't give up the music till the last moment. Franco composed many tracks and played at psy-trance events in Goa and Europe. The project of Tranceway successfully released four digital albums on Goa Galaxy.

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Album releases
Tranceway – Waking Dreams
 (Goa Galaxy)
Tranceway – Chill In
 (Goa Galaxy)
Tranceway – Around The World (Goa Galaxy)
Tranceway – The Second Life (Goa Galaxy)

VA ‎– Planet Discovery
 (Goa Galaxy)