About OGO

Style: Psy-Trance, Goa Trance, Psybreaks
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Ognyan Ignatov from Sofia has been interested in goa trance since the distant 1997 when he discovers Astral Projection accidentally. Ever since than till present days his perception for music gains a completely different dimensions and in 1999 the "Nilaya" track influences him to create music in this genre. A number of tracks then follow in which he experiments with different styles by his first Static Project. But he remains faithful to the classical oldschool sound with a melodic line.

The first release of Goa Galaxy netlabel is OGO's "Nanomolecularix EP" in 2012.

Since the last few years OGO is into the DJing only and he plays the latest stuff of the full-on psychedelic trance. His party mixes are powerful, pumping and make everybody dance.