About Atanasys

Style: Nitzhonot, Uplifting Trance
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Atanas Zaykov is the person behind the artist nickname Atanasys. Having been into uplifting music for more than 10 years he started seriously producing uplifting nitzhonot trance in 2011. Atanas is much influenced by his favorite artists Holymen, Goldenfinger and Barkan brothers from Israel.

In 2012 he was strongly supported and closely guided by Petar Todorov GOAdelic - the label manager of Goa Galaxy, which lead to the releasing of his "Bulgarica EP" in the end of the year. In 2015 Atanasys made a collaboration track with his idol Goldenfinger. Another of his dreams came true when in the spring of 2016 his first long play album "Via Orientalis" has been released, featuring tracks with Psy-K, Goldenfinger and Viper. Meanwhile, some of his tracks are included in Greek uplifting trance compilations. The second album "Melodic System" keeps the well-known style of Atanasys and the touch of Psy-K.

Atanasys produces music in the most of his spare time. In the last few years he concentrates on his dance sideact project named Atazar.